What is a Sonohysterogram and Why Would I Need One?

A sonohysterogram (also know as- Saline Infusion sonohysterogram) is done with no anesthesia and is a brief and well tolerated test in most cases.

A small catheter is placed into the cervix and a balloon is inflated. A small amount of sterile injectable normal saline is used to instill fluid in the endometrium while direct abdominal ultrasound looks for defects.

It is used to to determine if there are any polyps or fibroids in the lining of the uterus.

If there are, then they will not be able to be taken care of during this test or at this setting. Instead, operative hysteroscopy will be used to remove the polyp/ fibroid. Sonohysterogram is less effective when done with a heavy period, so preferably this test should be done right after a period in the early follicular phase of the cycle (5-9). It is contraindicated to do a sonohysterogram in the setting of pregnancy or infection.


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