What is Surrogacy?

A surrogate is a gestational carrier.

An egg from the biological mother is retrieved through artificial reproductive means, mixed with sperm from the biological father, and an embryo is created in a petri dish through IVF. Then the embryo is transferred to a surrogate who carries the baby and delivers it.

The gestational carrier has no genetic similarities to the fetus. The biologic parents share the genetics, but that mother does not carry the child.

This technology is frequently used in women who have serious medical conditions (such as certain types of heart disease or renal transplants with compromise) that preclude them from safely carrying the pregnancy themselves. Not all states are surrogate friendly (New York is not) and often it is necessary for the surrogate to deliver in another state that is surrogate friendly. All surrogate situations should be handled by an attorney experienced in the challenges and nuances of the situation.


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