What is Sex Selection?

Sex selection uses medical means to choose the sex of a baby.

Most of the time, this is done for pregnancies with significant risks of inheriting an x-linked genetic disorder, such as hemophilia, which is a serious bleeding disorder. Since males only have one X chromosome, as opposed to females that have two, males who have an affected X have the disease, whereas females with one affected X and one normal X will not have the disease, but instead be a carrier for the disease that can be passed to future generations.

In these cases sex selection may be used advantageously and prevent the implantation and development of an affected male fetus. Sex selection can also be used for “family balancing” where a particular family has multiple offspring of the same sex. In this situation, the opposite sex would them be selected.

How Does Sex Selection Happen?

There are medical techniques to separate X and Y bearing sperm, therefore dramatically increasing the chances of having the desired result. Once the sperm are separated, the patient is then inseminated with that component. The desired result is “more likely” but it certainly isn't 100 percent.

IVF (in-vitro fertilization) can be used with biopsy of the embryo and determining the chromosome complement. The desired result is almost guaranteed, but the testing is invasive and poses some risk, so you should have a very good reason to have this done.


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