What is an Endometrial Ablation and Should I Have One?

An endometrial ablation is a minor surgical procedure that is done either in the doctor’s office or an ambulatory surgery facility.

It is indicated for women who have very heavy periods. It makes the periods very light or non existent, but doesn't do anything to your hormones. It just burns out the lining of the uterus so there is either less or nothing to bleed from.

It is very important that any irregular bleeding gets evaluated PRIOR to any endometrial ablation. We must make sure that there is no cancer or pre-cancer, because those are contraindications to the procedure.

There are many types of tools that we use to ablate the lining of the uterus. The most common are global endometrial ablation devices that work on the whole cavity by placing an instrument within to create the ablation. Examples include Novasure (radiofrequency ablation), thermoballoon (A contained hot water balloon), hydrothermoablation (hot water within the uterus), cryoablation (freezing the lining of the uterus), and microwave endometrial ablation.

If your doctor has thoroughly evaluated your heavy bleeding (blood tests, endometrial biopsy or D and C/Hysteroscopy, sonohysterogram) one option is an endometrial ablation. Treatment with a mirena IUD (progesterone releasing IUD) has been found to be just as effective as endometrial ablation.

Other ways to take care of heavy bleeding are birth control pills, Lysteda (an oral anti fibrinolytic used for 5 days per month), removal of polyps or fibroids if they are contributing factors, or hysterectomy. Your doctor knows you best, so speak to him/her to get all of the personalized options for you.


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