What are Endometrial Polyps and do They Need to be Removed? What is the Risk for Cancer?

Endometrial polyps are fleshy growths that commonly occur in the lining of the uterus. One in four women will get an endometrial polyp at some point in their life.

They can be symptomatic and cause midcycle or irregular vaginal bleeding, or they can be totally asymptomatic. 99% of endometrial polyps are benign. In postmenopausal women or any woman who is symptomatic with bleeding, they should be removed.

In premenopausal women who get regular periods, they can be watched for 2-3 cycles to see if they get shed with a period and go away. If they don’t go away then they need to be removed. There is no way to tell by size or number which ones are benign or which are in the 1% that can harbor a malignancy or pre-malignancy. Once you take out a polyp there is about a 30% chance it can recur.


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