How Will I Be Treated if I Am Positive for Group B Strep?

If a pregnant patient is cultured at 35 weeks of gestation and found to be positive for group B strep, the mother is treated in active labor or with rupture of the fetal membranes with IV antibiotics.

Penicillin G is the drug of choice for treatment of GBS, but for those patients who have penicillin allergies, clindamycin or vancomycin can be used. Upon identification of GBS in a penicillin allergic patient the laboratory runs culture and sensitivity so that we know which antibiotic to use in labor.

Giving at least 2 doses of penicillin 4 hours apart is optimal treatment, with the lowest chance of the baby contracting the infection. If a pregnant patient has a UTI in pregnancy with GBS they will be treated for the UTI when it happens and again in labor or with membrane rupture. Those patients with a prior baby that had group B strep disease (such as pneumonia or meningitis) will also be treated in labor, even if their routine 35 week GBS culture is negative.


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