When Should I Talk to My Doctor About Wanting to Get Pregnant?

Unplanned pregnancy poses a higher risk to mother and baby.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you should speak to your obstetrician at least 6 months in advance to plan it!Your Ob will make sure you start a multi-vitamin with folic acid far in advance of getting pregnant, to decrease the chances for the baby to have a neural tube defect (a defect in the spine). Nutrition is important and having a well balanced diet and trying to achieve a normal weight is optimal prior to embarking on a pregnancy.

Your doctor will make sure you are up to date on your vaccines, and if not you should be vaccinated. Certain vaccines like MMR should not be given within 3 months pre-conceptually, so get those out of the way at the 6 month mark. Providing a detailed history to your doctor about family history of birth defects and genetic issues, as well as prior personal pregnancy history and parental ethnicity will help your doctor to determine which genetic testing to order pre-conceptually. Any pre-existing medical issues should be fine tuned well in advance of pregnancy, and discuss all of your medications you are currently taking with your OB- some are safe to continue, while others will need to be changed or discontinued.


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